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Belynda's Letter Drive

Belynda will forward your letters to SCIFI...

Belynda's offer: I'll send any & all letters that folks email me in to the Powers That Be. They have to be in by Wednesday, July 11 by 6 pm so they can make it to NY overnight.

Email your letter to:


A note from Belynda...

Everyone here agrees that TDF is an excellent show – after all, that’s the reason we’re ON this Forum in the first place. We love the show & we want it back.

We’ve all been working toward that goal for months, literally. We’ve signed the petition. We’ve sent e-mails. We’ve written actual letters and mailed them to the folks making decisions. We’ve made phone calls when possible. We’ve been in the dark, not knowing TDF’s status and we’re tired of not knowing - but despite that we’ve stayed persistent. For all we know, it was OUR LETTERS that kept TDF from being canned in June!

THEN on Wednesday, July 4 something changed.

On Wednesday, we were given a dollop of hope in the form of press releases in Canada stating that TDF might be relocating from Toronto to Edmonton - multiple articles that stated & restated the same information. The decision is to be made toward the middle of July - hurray, we won't have long to wait! So once again we have hope.

TDF is being considered for moving to Edmonton – whether this is true or not, may depend upon US. As Shakespeare’s King Hal said in Henry V, Once more into the breach, my friends, once more… Once again, we HAVE to let Lionsgate, SciFi, and NBC/Universal know that WE - TDF fans & television connoisseurs - are STILL HERE, waiting for TDF & TDF merchandise & that they've got a great show in TDF!

AND – we have to do it all THIS WEEK - before the decision is made. According to the Canadian press releases, we have finally reached Now-OR-Never.

So please, though we've all done it before, write to TPTB! Write to the media! Write to as many as you're able to write. Let them know that we will support the show. Remind them how well the series has done on iTunes. Let them know it’s doing very well in NetFlix preorders and try to get everyone you know to add TDF to their order list. If you purchased the season from iTunes or have pre-ordered the DVD set, let them know that, too. If you haven’t preordered and can do so, then do so now. RATE TDF at Amazon, WalMart, Target, and any other stores that are offering pre-ordering.

Any & all ideas posted in this, & other, thread(s) that inspire you - use them. The addresses are in the PTB Contact Info thread. If you can, write ALL of them. Let them know we're still here & help persuade them that TDF is an excellent investment worth their time and money. Help persuade them to listen to their viewers!!

Write now. I’ll be doing the same.

TOGETHER, we CAN be heard!

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