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Renew the Dresden Files!


Here are two simple flyers to help publicize the campaign to save the Dresden Files. These flyers will look great in the windows and on the bulletin boards of gaming stores, bookstores, libraries, comic book stores -- anywhere that Dresden Files fans might happen to be!

Many places don't mind flyers being posted if you ask them nicely first. So if you'd like to spread the word to your fellow fans, why not download these Word files, print out a few copies, and see if your favorite hangout will let you put one up?

Before you take the flyers in, you'll need to cut between the tabs at the bottom, so that they'll be easy to tear off and take home.

Save Harry Flyer 1

Save Harry Flyer 2

If you have any problem getting these files from the website, please don't hesitate to contact me, and I'll email the files to you.

Devoted fan Kersti Markey points out that May 5th is Free Comic Book Day, so if you can post a flyer at your local comic book store before then, you're likely to get it seen by a lot of fans. Kersti wrote in to share her experience in putting up flyers; as a result of her email, I've modified the flyers to include a note explaining that The Dresden Files are based on Jim Butcher's novels.

Kersti says: "I got flyers out to 2 comic shops, 3 libraries, a Borders, and a Barnes and Noble.

"Barnes and Noble has a corporate policy about no postings in or on the store, but a helpful store employee told me it was OK to post on the pillars or trash receptacles outside (I used the pillars). Libraries do not post anything that is for profit. Once you explain that there is no money to be made they had no problems. Comic shops are really gearing up for Free Comic Book Day. One that I went to is having a local Radio personality in store on that day. I emailed him and another known Sci Fi fan DJ at the station to see if they might mention the campaign on the air.

"I had to explain a lot because not everyone knows that The Dresden Files come from Jim Butchers book series. People at book stores and libraries were like this is TV…what does it have to do with reading??? I don’t know what on the flyers could get that across, but if we thought of something it would sure save a lot of explaining.

"Overall reception for the flyers was very good and several people asked me to leave one copy behind another so there would be more pull off tabs."

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