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Renew the Dresden Files!

Write Harry's Sponsors

Thanks to devoted fan Ann-Marie Gearhart (DRD2001) for going to all the trouble of digging up advertiser information on The Dresden Files!

Here's a note from her about how you can help save the show by contacting the advertisers who sponsor Harry:

As part of the campaign to secure a second season for The Dresden Files, fans are being encouraged to write letters to the network. But money for the show also comes from advertisers. They pay for ad space with prices based on the Nielsen ratings. Nielsen ratings gives advertisers a general view of what people are watching. But they are fallible. So to make sure the advertisers are getting their money's worth in regards to The Dresden Files, you can write to them directly and also let them know you saw their ad or know about their product via their placed commercials.

The purpose of the ads it to get a product or company embedded in your mind. People tend to gravitate towards products and services with companies that they recognize. You don't have to run out and buy the product for a commercial to be successful. But writing a letter does show 100% that you are aware of the company and it's product. That is what advertisers want to hear.

When writing an advertiser, be honest. If you have their product, mention that. If you don't have their product, that's ok. Don't say you'll buy their product if you won't. And keep it short and simple.

The Other Dick aired 3/26 - guest starred Claudia Black. This episode was sponsored by:

HP Blade System c-Class

Good Advertisers to target (I say this because their products are small every day type items. If you use their products, why not send the receipt in a letter. It's concrete proof you know who they are.)

Benadryl Allergy

KFC Variety Big Box Meal

Quiznos Prime Rib on Garlic sub

Grolsch beer


Honey Bunches of Oats

Stouffers Corner Bistro Flatbreads


Other advertisers:

Midas Brakes

Subaru Forester


Lamisil Gel Advance

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