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Renew the Dresden Files!

Other Ways to Help

You've sent email to SCIFI and snailmail to Ms. Hammer and Mr. Stern... and now you want to do more?

We love you! Harry loves you! Bob loves you! Your fellow fans love you!


  1. Assistance in promoting the campaign website: Do you know of a website of interest to Dresden fans that might be willing to put up a link to this website? If so, would you let us know, so that we can send them a short, polite note asking them to link to us? Or are you a member of any forums or mailing lists or discussion groups where Dresden fans might hang out? If so, would you be willing to post a brief message letting them know about this letter-writing campaign and directing them here?

  2. Fliers posted at bookstores, gaming stores, or scifi/fantasy conventions: I'm working on designing a simple flier in MS Word encouraging fans to join us in our letter-writing campaign. Would you be willing to download the flier, print out a few copies, and take it to your local bookstores/gaming stores and ask them to post it? If you're going to a scifi/fantasy convention in the next month or two, would you be willing to print out a few copies and ask the convention organizers to put them up?

  3. Post a review on iTunes: If you like the show, let others know by posting a review on iTunes, and help increase sales here. If the show is selling well, that can only help SCIFI decide that it's worth renewing for another season.

  4. Create a new fan for the show: Do you know someone who'd enjoy The Dresden Files? Why not invite them over and show them an episode or two? If you didn't tape them when they first aired, you can purchase them via iTunes. And once you've got them interested in the show... why not ask them to write a letter too?

  5. Identifying more advertisers for the show: Devoted fan Ann-Marie Gearhart has gathered information on all the advertisers for episode The Other Dick, to make it easy for us to write them and commend them for their excellent taste in sponsoring The Dresden Files. Is there anyone who's taped another episode of the show and would be willing to take the time to compile a similar list for that episode?

If you're interested in volunteering for any of these (or any other activities), please let me know. I'll be happy to help coordinate or to put you in touch with others who are also willing to volunteer.

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