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Renew the Dresden Files!

Campaign to Renew the Dresden Files

Write the SciFi Channel and ask them to renew The Dresden Files

We've learned that the SciFi Channel hasn't decided yet whether or not to renew The Dresden Files for a second season. Rumor has it that this decision will be made sometime in June -- so there's still time for us to let them know we'd like to see more of this show!

If you've enjoyed The Dresden Files, please take a minute to write the SciFi Channel and ask them to put this show back on the air for one more season.

Here's how you can show your support for The Dresden Files:

  1. Write a letter to Mark Stern and Bonnie Hammer at the SciFi network.
  2. Write email to the SciFi network.
  3. Sign the petition at dresdenfiles.org.
  4. Write letters to the producers of The Dresden Files.
  5. Write email to some of the show's sponsors.
  6. And check out these other things you can do to show your support for Harry.

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