Peter and Bonnie's 2008 Pics

Avalon's Freshman Picture

Snapshot of Avy, shortly after arriving in TX

Peter's photo for Texas A&M Web Directory

Bonnie and Peter, Just About to Move Back to Texas

Wisteria, Back Yard

Wisteria, Back Yard

First Veggies to Ripen

What We Made From Them

Last Veggies Harvested, Part One

Last Veggies Harvested, Part Two

Purslane in the Flower Bed

Lizard in the Front Yard

Dragonfly in the Back Yard

Work in Progress

Snow on the Lemongrass

Our New Living Room

Our New Office (Formerly Inhabited by Kermit the Frog

Our New Kitchen

One of the Flower Beds Peter Built

Veggie Plot, Just Planted

Veggie Plot, Coming Along

Veggie Plot, Ready for First Harvest

Wildflowers in Meadow Behind Our Yard

More Meadow Flowers