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A witch gets more than she bargains for
when she lends her magic to a sexy Fae warrior

Tara's witchcraft has failed to save her naga-bitten nephew: the only cure is a rare Faery herb, impossible for a human to obtain.

Kane, a warrior of the Morrigan tribe, is bound to a baigh-duil. He needs a witch to help him send the soul-devouring monster back to its own realm, and he's willing to bargain.

It seems like a fair trade--the herb for help with a single spell. But what will Tara do when she realizes Kane can only perform sex magic and death magic?

10,000 words | ISBN: 9781600885914 | $3.99

"Faery's Bargain was a great novella that had the right amount of action, and sizzling bedroom romance...It's a great romance that will remind you to keep your eyes open for love that might be right in front of you."
--Marissa, Sizzling Hot Books

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