Save Harry!

Write the SciFi Channel and ask them to renew The Dresden Files

We've learned that the SciFi Channel hasn't decided yet whether or not to renew The Dresden Files for a second season. Rumor has it that this decision will be made sometime in May or June -- so there's still time for us to let them know we'd like to see more of this show!

If you've enjoyed The Dresden Files, please take a minute to write the SciFi Channel and ask them to put this show back on the air for one more season.

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What is The Dresden Files?

The Dresden Files is a television series adapted from the books of Jim Butcher, about wizard/private investigator Harry Dresden. Set in Chicago, the show stars Paul Blackthorne as Harry Dresden, Terence Mann as his ethereal assistant Bob, Valerie Cruz as Lt. Connie Murphy, Conrad Coates as Morgan, and Raoul Bhaneja as Kirmani. A fast-paced urban fantasy peppered with humor and wit, The Dresden Files is one of the best new series on television. A must-see for fans of the fantastic!

The official website for the show (which currently has the entire season finale available to watch online, if you want to get a taste of the series):

The entire first season is available through iTunes.

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