Daria Drake writes fast-paced science fiction and fantasy, fueled by her passion for ancient history and mythology and her fascination with all things weird.

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Favorite Authors
Jim Butcher
Lilith Saintcrow
C.J. Cherryh
Rachel Vincent
Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
C. E. Murphy
Robert A. Heinlein
Tanya Huff
Bram Stoker
Laurell K. Hamilton
Roger Zelazny

Writing Buddies
Kimberly Frost
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Gavin Atlas

Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future too.

--Marcus Aurelius

Rites of Clay: Nintila's Story

Nintila has a secret: she's got the heart of a war god woven into her soul.

She also has a problem: someone is trying to set him free. If she can't find a stolen cuneiform tablet before its new owners decipher the spell it holds, the bloodthirsty war god Nergal will turn the world into his personal battlefield.

As she searches for the tablet, Nintila is menaced by antiquities smugglers, harassed by the FBI, and suspected of illicit summoning by Houston's occult council. Worse, the magical binding that keeps Nergal imprisoned is also the source of Nintila's immortality--as its magic weakens, so does she.

Nintila's boyfriend, Jase, is no help. Jase doesn't believe in war gods or hellhounds or four-thousand-year-old spells. He thinks she's being blackmailed, and he'll do anything to save her from the dark secrets of her past.

Her immortal ex-lover Anashte, on the other hand, is all too helpful. Formerly a warrior in Nergal's army, Anashte led Nintila astray once before. If she trusts him now, will he betray her again?

Winner of the
2007 Golden Gateway contest, Paranormal category

Winner of the
2009 On The Far Side contest, Fantasy category

Rites of Clay is an 79,000 word near-future urban fantasy drawing on the history and mythology of ancient Sumer.